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Our services are Canada-wide, including all the provinces and territories of Canada. We are currently providing job posting services for Dental Clinics and Dental Laboratories only. 

Job poster:

Posting a job

You can edit your posting through your dashboard. You'll need to sign in again if you did logout. Your posted job will remaine online on a monthly basis and will be published right after payment for 30 consecutive days. If you wish to renew it, just do repay for the requested amount to get your job post online for another 30 consecutive days.

All applications will be forwarded directly to the email address you sign up with, and we will never make your email address visible to applicants.

Cancel or Remove Job

You can easily cancel or remove your posting job by signing in your dashboard and click cancel button. The job post will be removed from the job list and you will no longer be billed for the job.

Post A Job Cost

Our rates are very competitive. Our monthly rate to post a Dentist (Associate) job position is $139 and our rate for all other dental job positions is $69.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are glad to provide you with 100% guarantee with the result of your job posting in our Post Job Panel.

Job Seekers:

Searching and applying to job is free. Once you click on the Find Job button in the above menu or in the search box, you will get into the job listing and you can apply for your desire job. Applying for the job is easy, fast and confidential. You just need to complete the form and attach your resume to your application, and then click the apply button. We keep your contact details confidential.

Your application and resume will be sent to employer by email once get approved. Then, employer after reviewing your candidacy will contact you if your profile met their requirements.

We recommend you to upload pdf version of your resume while you are applying for a job.

Best of Luck!