Dr. John Clarks

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§ Meeting with patients to discuss and treat dental concerns, performing regular cleanings and other preventative procedures, and establish a plan for better dental hygiene.

§ Performing dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, and filling cavities.

§ Correcting bite issues and overcrowding.

§ Applying helpful agents to teeth, such as sealants or whiteners.

§ Prescribing medications for dental problems, such as pain medications or antibiotics.

§ Giving clients sedatives or anesthesia prior to administering treatments.

§ Ordering diagnostic measures, such as x-rays, models, etc.

§ Using tools, such as drills, probes, brushes, or mirrors, to examine and treat teeth and mouth.

§ Keeping records relating to the oral health of patients and the treatments given to them.

§ Managing and communicating with other staff members to provide care to patients.


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