Dr. Norman Weinstein

Phone: +1(514)489-1921


Dr. Norman Weinstein is a Dentist on Queen Mary Rd in Montreal. His clients come from Snowdon, NDG, Cote St Luc, Westmount, Cote des Neiges, Outremont, Montreal West, Laval, and the greater Montreal area

Dr. Norman Weinstein obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from McGill University. Since then he has successfully maintained a flourishing family practice with an emphasis on preventative care. A practitioner who truly loves his profession, Dr. Norman Weinstein attends annual continuing education seminars in order to keep up to date and to provide his patients with the latest developments in dentistry. He has become known as an experienced and highly skilled dentist with a gentle touch. Dr. Norman Weinstein’s amiable chairside manner has also earned him the reputation of being very approachable and of demonstrating a genuine caring attitude.

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