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Since its creation in 2001 the Treasure Tower toy machine has proven to be the best toy rewards program to both motivate and reward children.

The Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program is based on an eight selection toy dispensing Treasure Tower that creates an "event" for the child. Young children are awarded tokens based on good behavior to take to the Treasure Tower to redeem for a prize.

We are the #1 dental toy rewards program in Canada. Watch the video and see for yourself!  The Treasure Tower has 8 separate canisters with each containing a separate toy option. All toys are safety tested and compliant with CPSC safety standards.

Services / Products

  • Treasure Towers - Come in different sizes, colours and coin mechanisms. You build your own tower.
  • Super Patient Tokens

Toy choices to keep your Treasure Tower full and interesting. We're constantly bringing in new toys and keeping the all-time favourites. Your kids will be excited to come back for my visits to earn their token!

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