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Established in 2014, AtmosC has set off in researching and developing on an air quality management platform that far surpasses any current systems. Our team consists of biologists, engineers, researchers, and scientists that have more than 25 years of experience and work continuously to revolutionize air quality systems. AtmosC has 3 locations including our head office and manufacturing sites located in Laval, Terrebonne and in St-Eustache.

AtmosC Filtration Systems is the leading manufacturer of efficient, custom-built air cleaning solutions for heavy industry and large-scale applications. With an on-site manufacturing facility and an experienced design and implementation team, we can customize an air cleaning system to meet your exact requirements

  • Safe and effective military-grade technology neutralizes airborne fumes, gases, complex chemicals, odors, particulates without the risk to your personnel, processes or the environment
  • Superior activated carbon filters for the most efficient and effective filtration
  • Exclusive custom CARBON + HEPA + UV filtration solutions available
  • Knowledgeable field experts that lead the industry in reliable, low maintenance solutions for residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Services / Products

Our advanced air purification system, designed by our engineers to provide the purest air for a coverage of up to 1000 square feet. The A-Series air purifier is equipped with our renowned 9 Phase Filtration Formula that includes Active Humidification Technology and protection by UV technology to destroy 99.997% airborne pathogens.

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