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Afkham Hadi is an Iranian denturist who found her way to Canada at the prime of her youth. After several years of learning French and diligently studying at the prominent College for denturology in Montreal, she became a member of the Quebec denturist association in 2001 and shortly after began her own practice as a certified denturologist. Since then, she has continually been keen on providing great service with up-to-date techniques and has gained various additional certificates so as to provide yet greater options.

She is personally always concerned about staying healthy and enjoys daily workouts combined with a good diet and wishes a healthy lifestyle for her patients as well. Your teeth are not only important for brightening up your smile but also crucial when it comes to eating. Their condition should not prevent you from having a proper diet, enjoying your meals and feeling confident to smile and speak with ease.

The best way to get to know her and benefit from her expertise is to come for a visit yourself. She would be most pleased to help you in keeping a beautiful smile and with your prosthetic teeth needs!

Services / Products

  • Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Partials in Vitallium
  • Dentures On Implants
  • Night Guards
  • Repairs
  • Relining and Rebasing
  • Denture Cleaning

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